A new breed of Oromian entrepreneurs

(oromocentre, Melbourne, 20 January 2012)  EVERY NEW Year is a leap into the unknown. But if Abiyot Kebede Shiferani succeeds in his goal of repeating the events of the year gone by, then the future will hold very little to worry about.

The former lawyer from Ethiopia was forced to flee the east African country in 2006 following clashes between the Oromo Liberation Front in southern Ethiopia, which wants independence, and government troops.

In the United Kingdom he joined 250 Oromo families who arrived in Tameside, Greater Manchester, as part of a United Nations resettlement plan.

Like many of the new arrivals who were also qualified professionals, Shiferani had high hopes for his new life in the West.

But any notions of continuing his work as a lawyer quickly faded. Like many of the new arrivals, he struggled to find work. He discovered, like many of his countrymen, that qualifications and experience gained in Ethiopia were not recognised in the UK.

For more details http://oromocentre.org/oromian-story/against-all-odds/

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