(Oromocentre, Melbourne, 19 September 2012) The Convening Committee of Irreechaa says  that the upcoming Irreechaa 2012 -Oromo National Thanksgiving Day -celebration will be held  in Victoria, Australia on September 30, 2012.

According the committee press release, the Oromo national Thanksgiving Day is the day of blessing and joy in which people come together and share experiences with various communities, social organizations, volunteers, friends and families.

The Oromo are celebrating this auspicious event to mark the end of rainy season[1], known as Birraa, was established by Oromo forefathers, in the time of Gadaa Melbaa[2] in Mormor, Oromia.

The auspicious day on which this last Mormor[3] Day of Gadaa Belbaa[4]-the Dark Time of starvation and hunger- was established on the 1st Sunday of last week of September or the 1st Sunday of the 1st week of October according to the Gadaa lunar calendar ‐‐ has been designated as our National Thanksgiving Day by modern‐day Oromo people.

Oromo communities both at home and abroad celebrate this National Thanksgiving Day every year.

Date………… September 30, 2012

Time……….. 11:30‐5:30 pm

Location……. Footscray Park, Footscray, Victoria, 3011

(Ballarat Rd, Footscray Park behind Victoria University)

The Convening Committee of Irreechaa: Oromo National Thanksgiving Day

[1] Rainy season symbolized as a dark, disunity and challenging time in Oromia.

[2] Gadaa Melbaa was established before 6400 years ago at Odaa Mormor, North-west Oromia.

[3] Mormor in Oromo means division, disunity, chaos.

[4] Gadaa Belbaa is the end time of starvation.

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