What is Irreechaa?

(Oromocentre, Melbourne,  21 February 2012) One of the distinct thanksgiving celebrations in the traditional religion of the Oromos (Waaqeffannaa) is called “Irreechaa” or “Irreessaa,” which, by itself, means thanksgiving.

On this day (normally falls at the end of September or beginning of October), many Oromos come to the river or the sea or the lake with an outlet that has since long been chosen to be the place for such thanksgiving celebration.

In the traditional religion of the Oromos, the spirit is the power through which Waqaa (The Almighty God) governs all over the world. Thus, Oromos believe that every creation of Waqaa has its own spirit.

Most of all, they believe that this spirit (through which Waqaa is supposed to govern all over its creature) wallows over the sea and the great rivers of our world. And also, they do believe that the peak of the mountain is holly in nature, and that it serves as a host to the spirit of Waqaa.

Thus, the Oromos usually go to the river or to the mountain during the time of their worshiping rituals, or during Irreessaa celebration.


  1. Akkam jirtuu Oromoo
    Yaadani takko qabaa Ykn gaafii
    Inni Pls guyyaa irrachaa
    Adda Oromoo maali akka godhamu keeysattuu wara nuyii biyyaa ambaa jiru waa’addaa
    Kenyaa mana barmotaatii
    Presentation godhu fenaa information gahaa Nuf maxasaa how celebrated? Where? Speical food? People warning. Clothes kkf hundaa akka huba.naa keessan Nuf isaa Galtom

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