Speech of SERMOCAVA Chairpreson at Oromo Martyrs Day

15 April 2012

Welcomes everybody to Oromo National Day,

Ladies, gentlemen and distinguished guests,

Today, the Oromo Nation celebrates for fallen heroines and heroes of Oromo people, those who sacrifice their lives to defend their land, dignity, freedom, and well being of Oromo nation. The Oromo people remember them forever, because of the highest contribution they left behind in the history of Oromia and open new era to the next generation. The young generation are the product of this continuous complicated struggle and wait for them responsibilities to lead the nation. The Oromo nation proud of, those critical thinkers, who have been sacrificing their time, knowledge and professional skills towards Oromo causes, on research to promote Oromo history, culture and social progresses.

The Oromos are the single most dominant National group in Ethiopia and in The Horn Africa, who share the same social and psychological makeup, speak the same language and practiced the same culture and religion. Before the invasion of Abyssinian’s regime, their mode of life was guided by the Gadaa principle of administering themselves. The Gadaa system of governance, where leaders are elected in to public officer by fair and free election on the basis of merit and leadership qualities.

 The first Oromos were settled around Australia starting from 1984_ because; they escaped from the harsh and aggressive war policy of military regime. In the name of communism under estimate human rights, democracy, established one party system which controlled state mechanism. This attitude and behavior of military junta destabilized the Horn of Africa. Soon after, the TPLF/EPDRF regime ousted the military junta in 1991. The current regime promised the nation to establish Democratic Government through free and fair election within two years. It had broken all the promises and instead started shooting, killing, arresting, torturing, ect.  Oppositions leaders and their supporters.

In addition, the current regime inherited the old repressive policy and culture of Abyssinian’s regime established satellite party groups and has been ruling the nation for 21 years and on. Still without opposition parties are continuous ruling the nation. There is no any bright future for transparency and democratic progress in the country.  This regime also had never changed its repressive policy on Oromo and Southern Ethiopian people: 1) the policy of exploitations in the name of investments and free trade _ sold their land to the foreigners without the interest of the indigenous land owner and this is not only the land but to fulfill the ambitious Abyssinian regime dream had for centuries and uprooting the nation, culture, history and dignity. 2) The aggressive policy on human rights violations records 3) The destructive policy of an illegal intervention of war in neighboring countries etc. In recent time, many thousands of Oromo victims of such bad policy:  old, young, youth, family members, are suffering in prison everywhere in Oromia without any concrete evidence. The Oromo nation still under autocratic, one party dictatorship rule. Because of harsh and repressive policy of this government those who got the chance of escaping from this regime most of them resided as refugees in neighbouring countries such Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Somalia, Djibouti, etc.

 At last, I would like to thank the Australian government considering the Oromos asylum seekers appeal and giving new opportunities those who were survived from that torn land, also Greater Dandenong City Council assists our new comers for settlement and others basic necessities and encourages our community to have had updated information but in recent time, most of our refugees’ applications were dropped to the level of total refusal. The Oromo Community would like to know why our suffering refugees under UNHCR mandate treated this way.  The fact that, the successive Abyssinian regimes were changed their name and ideology every times but the situation and their policy on Oromo people were remain the same.

The Oromo community around Australia activities are based on the rule and regulations of the respected country and work closely with Federal, State and Local governments. In addition to: assist the new comers for settlement and pass information where they get more help. The Oromo community provide with basic Oromo school, health, and other support services and assist Oromos to have basic knowledge in: social, legal advice, and culture studies. The Oromo nation culture has been living with all nationalities in harmony, peace and stability wherever they are.

Therefore, the Oromo community would like to ask the Australian Government and International community impose diplomatic pressure on current Ethiopian regime through United Nations and African Union to restore peace, stability at the region and urge the implementation of self-determination based on United Nations Universal Declaration of Human rights.

Thank you so much.

Mr. Tesfaye Wayessa. SERMOCAVA _ Chairman.

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