Oromo Radio Program

The member of Oromo Community in Victoria approached the management of Ethnic Community Radio, 3ZZZ in early 1995 in order to start a radio programme in Afaan Oromo for the growing Oromo migrants in the city of Melbourne.  The Oromo Radio program started broadcasting in Afaan Oromoo on 10th August 1995 by the Oromo artist Shantam Shubisa with the object of:

  1. Establishing the Oromo community and its language, Afaan Oromo, as one of the major ethnic languages here in Australia;
  2. Making Oromo community members feel that we can exercise our democratic rights in this country and show that we can make it here what we failed to achieve in our own home country;
  3. Serving as a means of communications for major government policies;
  4. Keeping our community members in touch and get in depth understanding of what is happening in Oromiyaa; and
  5. Using as a means of entertainment.

The Oromo Radio Program is now recognized as one of the major sources of information and entertainment for Oromo who live around the globe through internet. The management and broadcasters of this program invite you to listen to and provide constructive comments in order to serve better.

The Oromo program can be heard weekly on Sunday, 1-2 pm, on 92.3 FM (Melbourne)
Postal address:
To Oromo Program P.O. Box 1106, Collingwood, 3066
Telephone – (61,3) 9415 1928 Fax: (61, 3) 9415 1818
Telephone: (61,3) 9415 1923
Telephone:  (61,3) 9415 1926
Email: oromovoice95@gmail.com

3zzz Oromo Radio Program Sunday, 1:00PM-2:00 PM, Melbourne Australia

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